Monetary Donations
In addition to being a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, Justa Center is also a Qualifying Charitable Organization.

What is the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit?

The Charitable Tax Credit allows residents of Arizona to make donations to qualifying charitable organizations. It’s a dollar for dollar credit. The maximum credit for donations allowed is $800 for married taxpayers filing jointly, and $400 for single taxpayers or heads of households. Any amount you donate above the maximum credit can be claimed as an itemized deduction on your return.  

Contributions to Justa Center that are over the tax credit amount are still deductible from Arizona taxable income as charitable contributions. Claiming the tax credit for contributions to Justa Center does not preclude residents from taking any other Arizona income tax credits (e.g., public and private school donations) up to the amount of their tax liability. The details of the credit and related instructions can be found on Arizona Form 321.

Justa Center has now established a brokerage account to receive gifts of stock and other marketable securities.

Gifts of securities present a unique opportunity to the giver. The present market value of the shares can be claimed as a charitable deduction for both Federal and state returns, regardless of the original cost basis of the shares. The same shares sold by the owner, however, results in a tax liability in the amount of the gain. Thus, the gift to a qualified charity such as Justa Center (a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the IRS regulations) is effectively made with after-tax dollars.

For more information concerning donating securities to Justa Center, contact us at 602.254.6524.

Non-Monetary Donations
There are many basic items we need to help with the day-to-day operations of Justa Center and we appreciate whatever you can donate. The list includes:

Facial Tissues
Paper Towels
Hand Soap
Laundry Soap
Books and Magazines

Unopened Toiletries
Toilet Paper
Office Supplies (Paper, Pens, etc.)
Cleaning Products
Reading Glasses
New Socks
Styrofoam Cups
Paper Plates

Starter Kits
When one of our members gets housed after an extended period of homelessness, they often must start over completely. As part of our Extended Care Program, we help them begin again with a Starter Kit, which includes items that allow them to get settled into their new home. Our members are very often moving into their new home by themselves, so we are seeking small, light furniture items that can be moved by one person, i.e. twin beds, folding tables and chairs, cots, etc.

We estimate that the Starter Kit is valued at approximately $250. Justa Center receives no financial aid or assistance from federal, state or local governments, so these items are made available only through special donations from our supporters.

Can you help welcome someone home by donating one or more of the following items?

• Pillow
• Pillow Case
• Sheets

• Shower Curtain (with Hooks)
• Towels (Bath, Hand, and Washcloth)

• Can Opener
• Cooking Utensils
• Coffee Maker
• Cups and Drinking Glasses
• Dishes - Plates, Bowls
• Dish Towels
• Kitchen Knives
• Mixing Bowls
• Pots with Lids
• Skillet
• Utensils - Forks, Knives, Spoons

• All-Purpose Cleaner
• Broom
• Bucket
• Dust Pan
• Facial Tissue
• Paper Towels
• Toilet Paper
• Sponges
• Storage Bins (Two)

Donated items can be dropped off at Justa Center. Items collected will be gathered and distributed to our members as they move from homelessness into housing.

Volunteers are always welcome at Justa Center, and there is a special need for volunteer dentists, podiatrists, nurses,
eye doctors, and hair stylists, who can offer their professional services to our homeless seniors.

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, contact our Extended Care Coordinator, Oly Cowles at