A Message From Our Social Worker

When it comes to helping our female members, there are great strides being made at Justa Center. On September 9th, Justa Center started its first women’s group aimed at helping individuals who have experienced trauma-related events. The group is thriving, and has allowed for the growth and healing of our members in a safe space. Due to the ongoing success of this group, we will be starting a second group in the middle of October that will continue to address the issue of trauma and how to move through it.  
Even though the population fluctuates at Justa Center, with members being housed and new members coming in, we have noted a steady need for help with the trauma-related issues that a majority of our female members are struggling with. It is our goal at Justa Center to address these issues head-on and help as many of these female members as we can through our continued support, and through both group and one-on-one counseling.
As we continue to build our Group Program over the next several months, Justa Center will also be participating in local events and spreading the message that we are here to offer support. One such event is the Phoenix 1st Step Drop-In Center that will be taking place on Nov 7th. This one-day drop-in center is geared toward helping women in the sex trade. Justa Center’s social worker Olivia Munoz will be in attendance to offer support during this event.
It is our hope that our women’s group will grow, and that more and more individuals will benefit from it. 
This work would not be possible without your continued support.
Thank you.