Movin' On Out

In spite of the summer heat, we have been able to move many of our members into permanent housing. Most moved into either independent or assisted living, while a couple went to MANA House, which is strictly for veterans, and a few were reunited with family.
One especially uplifting story involves "Anne," who came to Justa Center over a year ago. Born in France, Anne received her U.S. citizenship as a child, but with that paperwork lost, she couldn't prove her citizenship, so she could not receive her earned Social Security. While at Justa Center, she worked closely with the staff and our attorney, and after a very long year, she finally obtained her citizenship papers, as well as her Social Security. In July she moved into her own apartment and is elated to have her own place.
Another exciting move involved Joni and Bertha (pictured above), who became close friends while at Justa Center. They stayed together at CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services) and supported each other through their efforts at job hunting. Eventually Joni found work at the airport, while Bertha obtained her Social Security. Together, they made enough to move into a very nice apartment together. It was so much fun watching the two of them count down the days until they could move into their new place. We were able to assist them in obtaining items for their new apartment, as well as help with stocking their pantry with groceries. They are thrilled to have found each other during such a hard time in their lives and are overjoyed with their new home.
While we're happy to celebrate our members' new living arrangements, our attention has quickly shifted to helping other individuals who are in dire circumstances. All are facing the same struggles as others in the homeless community -- uncertainty, fear, and indignity. If you would like to help Justa Center continue its mission of moving one person out of homelessness each day, please consider making a donation.