Phone Call Reconnects Relatives

People often ask why the families of those seeking help at Justa Center aren't more involved with their relatives' lives. Sometimes we don't think about the shame, failure and disconnect felt by seniors who are homeless. Because of this pervasive sense of failure, it can be very difficult for the homeless to call their families; however, during this past month we had a very happy outcome for one of our members.
"Mary" came to Justa Center depressed, not knowing where to turn, and reluctant to open up about her situation. Mike, who is in a job training program through Age Works and was once one of our members, sensed Mary's feelings of isolation and loneliness, and began talking with her. The empathy Mike showed to Mary gave her the courage she needed to contact her daughter.
Once Mary's daughter knew what had happened to her mother, she immediately came to the Center to find her. We are happy to report that Mary and her daughter had a very touching reunion and are now living together. This is just an example of one of the many happy endings we see at Justa Center.