Times Are Tough...

We are seeing some difficult cases at Justa Center these days, and highlighting this trend is "Maria" and her mother, both of whom recently came to us for help. The two women were living together when 58-year-old Maria lost her job. Maria immediately started looking for work but could not find anything in this tough economy. In addition, her 89-year-old mother became ill, and the medical bills started piling up.

Maria was forced into a very difficult position: Did she pay the rent or pay for her mother's medications? Did she continue to look for work, or did she care for her mother? Maria continued to look for work while trying to care for her mother, but the rent didn't get paid, and it wasn't long before both Maria and her mother were evicted.
The women are currently staying in a shelter but will be forced to leave on June 3rd and find another shelter if we can't help them before then. Maria is working closely with our Employment Specialist in an effort to find a housekeeping job, but so far she hasn't found anything. With no income of any kind, we won't be able to place them into permanent housing, which is why life is very sad for these ladies right now. It's our hope that someone will have a housekeeping job for Maria that will help them end their homelessness.
Please keep these women in your prayers.