Seniors Deserve a Place to Call Home

Why Justa Center Exists

Justa Center began in 2006 by Pastor Scott Richey and members of the United Methodist Church, who developed the programs and services after asking homeless seniors what they needed to help their journey back into housing. It started with a need to have somewhere they come every day to be safe, out of the weather, and have access to needed resources. Justa Center lives that mission every day. 

A population at risk

Seniors experience homelessness for a variety of reasons, including:

  • the lack of income to pay for housing (low government assistance, insufficient retirement income, current and historic low wages coupled with debt and medical expenses);
  • the shortage of affordable and secure housing,
  • deteriorating physical and mental health
  • a relationship breakdown and/or suffering from violence and abuse
The risk of homelessness for seniors can also be increased by the death of a spouse, social isolation, discrimination, or a lack of awareness of available benefits and services.

In Maricopa County

The 2019 Point-in-Time (one-night) count of all homeless seniors reflected a 98% increase year over year and steadily increasing. Based on shelter data, 1 in 3 homeless persons are over the age of 55. Over 50% of those are experiencing homelessness for the first time as an adult. 

The current length of time to find appropriate, affordable housing, be qualified and accepted, and save up for application fees and deposits is currently ranging from 160 to 400 days. This contributes to more seniors living on the streets where they are at risk of illness, injury, lack of nutrition, and victimization for the majority of their homeless experience.

Our commitment to our members, donors, and the community is to:

  • Treat everyone, regardless of their life-situation, with respect and dignity
  • Maintain a safe place where homeless seniors feel welcome and safe
  • Proactively involve the member to improve his/her life
  • Mobilize volunteers, advocates, policy-makers and the community to increase opportunities and improve the quality of life for homeless seniors

Meet the Leadership

The Board of Directors and Leadership Team are comprised of dedicated servant-leaders working together to miracles happen for homeless seniors.

We welcome hearing from you, contact us using the links provided. 

Board of Directors

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David Decker, Board Chair and President
Owner, Humani Tours and Travel

Nancy Hempy, Vice President
Director of Real Estate at Audio Express

Paul Browning, Treasurer
Account Manager at Infor Global Solutions

Terri Waibel, Secretary
MSW, LCSW at Center for Compassion

Billie Fidlin
Director of Outreach
Desert Southwest Conference United Methodist Church

Thomas Driscoll

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Leadership Team

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Wendy, Executive Director

Oly, Director of Internships 

Tammy, Housing Specialist

Rudy, Extended Care Manager

Merrill, Resource and Veterans Specialist

Pastor Gerri, Pastor and Counselor