Seniors Deserve a Place to Call Home

Seniors at Risk

The number of homeless seniors (aged 55+) is increasing in Arizona. In 2017, 13,000 homeless in Phoenix were age 45 and older and of those, over 2,000 were aged 62 and older. Homeless seniors frequently fall between the cracks of governmental safety nets. Older adults who are experiencing homelessness have three to four times the mortality rate of the general population due to unmet physical health, mental health, and substance use treatment needs.

At Justa Center, our doors are open to homeless seniors who need hope and help to transform their circumstances. Our name comes from a story found in the New Testament when a woman, Justa, asked Jesus to heal her daughter. Their lives, and ours, were transformed because she dared to hope, to believe, and to seek help.

Justa Center exists to provide a safety net and needed resources for this fragile population.

Our mission is the transformation of lives by treating every person, regardless of their situation in life, with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our method is to implement resources that will empower each person who comes to Justa Center with the ability to get out of homelessness and to reintegrate back into society.

Our commitment to our members, donors and community is to…

- Treat every person who comes to Justa Center with dignity and respect.

- Maintain a safe place where homeless seniors feel welcome and safe.

- Proactively involve the member to improve his/her life.

- Mobilize volunteers and community resources to provide ongoing support to keep seniors from returning to the streets and shelters.