Thank you for thinking of Justa Center! All the resources you donate, whether they arrive by

the bag-load,

the trunk-load,

or the truck-load,

they are exactly what's needed to sustain the services provided to support members while on their journey back to home.

We will gladly accept your clean, gently used or new donations every day.
  • Weekdays between 7am and 12pm
  • Weekends between 8am and 12pm
  • Other times - call to schedule

Furniture donations are greatly appreciated, but due to limited space, we cannot always pick-up from your location. Contact Rudy to discuss furniture. 

Lists by program and wish lists below

Day Center Programs

Serving day guests with showers, laundry, restrooms, nutrition and essential services. We always need...

Nurses' Clinic

Our nurses assist members with a variety of seasonal, situational, and age-related ailments. Summer is here and with it, heat related issues have arrived. Help us with...

View complete Clinic needs list..

Members Moving Home

A member's journey back to home is more than things; it's the first step toward restoring dignity, self-worth, and autonomy. Items below are always needed...

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