Resource Drives

Resource drives make it possible for Justa Center to deliver dignity every day by having the needed resources to provide 200 cups of coffee, 120 lunches, 50 bags of groceries, and lots of supplies. 

The resources needed change seasonally.

Click below to learn the current needs.

Community Events

Community events at Justa Center range from an afternoon of trivia to bingo Saturday, from dropping off 150 sack lunches to a weekend/holiday buffet of hot food and fellowship, from a podiatrist checking feet to a presentation on dental hygiene. 

Have an idea or interested in doing something with your group? 


Find out how your time and talent is needed at Justa Center. Adults of all ages are welcome!

Extended Care Ambassadors
Center Services
Clothing Closet
Starter-Kits Closet
Computer Aid
Administrative Help

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