A Safe Place to Gather


  • Cool water, coffee and conversation
  • Weekday Lunches (provided by Meals on Wheels)
  • Weekend Lunches (provided by the community)


  • Computer access for email, job search, and more
  • Mail service to receive personal benefits

Personal Care

  • Access to take showers and do laundry
  • Lockers to store personal belongings

Our Services

Day Center

  • Monday-Saturday hours:  7am-3pm
  • Sunday hours: 7am to 1pm
  • A safe and welcoming place
  • Resources for daily living

Identification Recovery

  • Assistance to obtain AZ ID
  • Ordering replacement documents
  • Birth Certificates
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Spouse Death Certificates

Securing Safe Housing

Dedicated Housing Specialist who works with members to find the right opportunity for affordable housing.
  • Available weekdays 7am to 2pm

Veterans Services

Supporting Vets to get needed services from VA
  • Medical Services
  • VA Housing Voucher Program
  • VA Retirement Benefits

Benefits Assistance

Agency Specialists on-site holding office hours at least once-a-week to support members filing and receiving benefits
  • DES
  • SNAP
  • Social Security

Basic Healthcare

On-site Nurse available 3 days a week
  • Blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring
  • Wound care, basic injury assessement
  • Mobility devices; reading glassses
  • OTC medicines
  • Advice

Nutrition & Meals

  • Coffee and a morning snack
  • Lunches (Meals on Wheels) Weekdays
  • Weekend (Community provided) Lunches 


Attorney on-site weekly to support members who are facing legal issues that are a barrier to finding work or housing. 


Members who are seeking work are supported through access to training, internet searches, and use of mailing address.

Spiritual Life - Sunday Service at 9 a.m.

Pastor Gerri Bast is on-site weekly for spiritual counseling, prayer, and holds ecumenical services every Sunday open to all. Members are treated to a movie once-per-month in the chapel that sends a positive message and restores spirits.