If you are facing eviction, are currently un-sheltered, or need shelter bed,
click the link below for resources available in the Valley. 

A Welcoming Place

Justa Center is a day center, open every day at 7 a.m. for seniors, age 55 and older, who, like you, want a trusted partner, support, and access to resources while you work on returning to stable housing. We understand that you have unique needs and challenges. We provide all of our services without any charge or obligation other than your commitment and desire to return to housing.

What you can expect at Justa Center

While you are at the Center, you have the ability to move through the various services provided based on your needs. You will work closely with the Center staff, resource providers, and volunteers to achieve your housing, work, or life-stability goals. The Justa Center services are organized around six major areas. 

  • Intake Process which helps establishes personal documentation and identity documents.
  • Resource Development helping establish resources for independent living, income from work or social security or disability or veterans benefits or other sources that might be available to the individual to support independent or community living. 
  • Housing Development helping you find the best affordable housing setting based on needs and resources including family, independent living, and other forms of assisted living or supportive housing. 
  • Services Coordination which includes limited counseling to help individuals succeed in ending their homelessness and overcome barriers which might be discovered in the relational Justa Center process. 
  • On-site Resources such as daily mid-morning meal supplied by Meals on Wheels and community groups. See more services below.

On-site Resources Include:

Community Services

Social Security Programs
Veterans’ Support
DES Programs

Personal Services

Shower Facilities
Laundry Service
Rental Lockers

Member Support

Job Readiness Clothing
Starter Kits at Move-In
Ongoing Resources

Identity Recovery

Assistance getting AZ ID
Replacement Documents
Birth Certificates
Legal and Veterans Paperwork


Dedicated Phone Line
Message Center
Mail-Receiving Service
Mail-Forwarding Service
Computer Use

Pro-Bono Services

SSDI Specialist
Medical Transport Coordination
and more

Spiritual Life - Sunday Service at 8:30 a.m.

Pastor Gerri Bast is on-site weekly for spiritual counseling, prayer, and holds ecumenical services every Sunday open to all. Members are treated to a movie once-per-month in the chapel that sends a positive message and restores spirits.